Posts from August 2017

Posts from August 2017

What’s the Big Deal About SERVING?

Sunday, August 27th ’17 To Listen To Message: CLICK HERE! Why should believers in Jesus be generous and serve other people? What do WE get out of service to God? This message was given right before Legacy Church served in Engage Sunday and gives practical reasons why the church, and each person, needs to “do their part” to help advance the kingdom of God.

Our God is a God of 2nd Chances – Jonah 3

August 20th, ’17 To Listen to Message: CLICK HERE! Many times we feel like we don’t deserve a second chance or that we don’t have the ability to change things the second time around. Luckily, our God is a God of 2nd chances! Here are some practical things you can do to change life…

The Comeback – Youth Sunday!

Sunday, August 13th ’17 To Listen To Audio: CLICK HERE! Every person has a come back story where they need to “come back” to Jesus! How can we come back to Jesus? What do we have to do to ensure our success as a comeback story? This is a practical message that will help you understand how to prune and get your life right with God!  

Jonah 2 – In The Belly of a Fish!

August 6th, 2017 To Listen To Audio: Click Here! There will be times in our life when we are like Jonah and we hit rock bottom or “get stuck in the belly of a fish.” What should we do when we get stuck in the belly of a fish? Why would God allow us to be placed into the belly of a fish? This sermon will give you hope when you are going through dark times in…

Are YOU running away from GOD? Jonah 1

July 30th,’17 To Listen To Audio: CLICK HERE! We as humans naturally want to do things our own way. What happens when God tells us to do something that we don’t want to do? What are some things that God will do to move us in the direction that He wants us? This message is a practical message because we can all relate to the life of Jonah.