Posts from November 2017

Posts from November 2017

Emoji Series – Contentment

Sunday, November 26th ’17 To Listen to Message: CLICK HERE! During the holiday season it’s easy to focus on “wants” instead of “needs.” We can easily be discontent with what we have and try to fill that inner void with gifts and “stuff.” This message looks to re-shift our focus this holiday season to one of contentment…

Emoji Series – Loneliness

Sunday, November 20th ’17 To Listen to Message: CLICK HERE! We all go through times in life when we feel alone. In fact, 20% of Americans suffer with loneliness every day! When we are feeling lonely and down about life what are some things we can do to help ourselves? What does the Bible say about loneliness? This is a practical message that gives Biblical tips to…

Emoji Series – Fear

Sunday, November 12th ’17 To Listen To Message: CLICK HERE! Fear can paralyze us as humans and make us inept. How can we as Christians get past our fears and live by faith? What are some thing that we can remember from the Bible that will help us when we are afraid? This message gives practical tips on how we can live by faith and not by fear!

Emoji Series – Depression

Sunday, November 5th ’17 To Listen to Message: CLICK HERE! Depression is a real emotion that countless people face. Instead of “just getting over it” how can a person who is going through depression respond in a Biblical manner? This message gives practical and real life guidance on how to deal with depression. (This message was preached by Mitch Moser…