Where are the Men?

Sunday, June 18th ’17

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The absence of father’s is becoming an epidemic within the United States. The consequences are negatively impacting families, children, and mother’s. What does it mean to be a man? How can men be all that God has called them to be? This sermon speaks and directly focuses on the problem of fatherlessness and what the church can do to fix it.

Do Your Best Series – Life!

Sunday, May 21st ’17

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God has entrusted many things to us as believers in Him. Therefore, we need to “Do Our Best” to take care of everything that God has given us! This sermon points out that God has given and entrusted to every human being LIFE. This sermon gives practical pointers on how we can do our best with the lives God has given us. Also included are the testimonies of four individuals who got baptized this Sunday who had an opportunity to share how God has changed their lives!

Broken Series – The Best Thing for Your Family is to Put God at the Center!

Sun, April 16th 2017

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This was the final message in the Broken Series that concluded on Easter Sunday. The goal of the Broken Series was to help us understand how to build strong, healthy, and Godly families. This message looks at how to practically place God at the center of your family and how He can change you and your family’s lives!

Broken Series – What it means to HONOR your parents

Sunday, April 9th 2017

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Western culture emphasizes the glorification of youth and what is trendy. The Bible emphasizes honoring and respecting our elders and parents. This sermon will give practical ways in which YOU can honor your parents, even if they have already passed away! In addition to that, this sermon addresses ways in which we can heal from hurts that have been inflicted upon us by our parents and do so in an honoring way.