Posts from October 2017

Posts from October 2017

Emoji Series – Joy

Sunday, October 29th ’17 To Listen to the Message: CLICK HERE! It’s difficult to feel joyful, especially when life throws you a curveball. This sermon shares practical tips on how believers in Jesus can be joyful regardless of the circumstances.

Emoji Series – Anger

Sunday, October 22nd ’17 To Listen to the Message: CLICK HERE! Anger is an emotion that is causing untold damage in the heart’s and lives of people and families. This sermon looks at the root causes of anger and gives practical tips on how you can deal with your anger Biblically.

Moses – Testimony Series

Sunday, October 15th ’17 To Listen to Message: CLICK HERE! God called Moses to lead His people out of Egypt at the age of 80 years old BUT Moses made many excuses as to why He didn’t want to assume that type of responsibility. In today’s world it’s easy to be an excuse maker instead of doing what God calls us to do. This message looks at Moses…

My Testimony Series – The Prodigal Son

Sunday, October 8th ’17 To Listen to Message: CLICK HERE! The story of the Prodigal Son has 3 predominant characters. Each character’s story helps us to learn what it means to have a personal relationship with God. This message gives practical and insightful tips on how we can incorporate His story into our story!

My Testimony Series- Nicodemus

Sunday, October 1st ’17 To Listen to Message: CLICK HERE Is Jesus impressed with how much knowledge we have about Him? Nicodemus was one that knew a lot about Jesus in his head, but it did not penetrate his heart until later. Listen and hear what happened in Nicodemus’ encounter with Jesus!