Posts from March 2017

Posts from March 2017

Broken Series – Where are the Men?

Sunday, March 26th ’17 To Listen To Audio: CLICK HERE! The definition and very fibers of what makes a family is under attack. One of the biggest issues is the loss of what it means to be a Godly man, father, and husband. This sermon gives practical steps for all family members to help support their husband/father to live up to his redemptive potential!  


Sunday, March 19th ’17 Click to Listen to Audio of Sermon! What is the gospel? What does the gospel mean for our lives? So many of us have a knowledge of what the gospel is, but we struggle to allow it to change us daily! Listen to this sermon to better understand what the gospel is and what it means for our lives!

How Committed to God Are You? Nehemiah 10

Sunday, March 12th ’17 Click to Listen to Audio of Sermon! It’s extremely easy to be only partially committed in today’s world. We have commitment issues with our time, relationships, work, and even God. This sermon looks at practical steps one can take to evaluate your commitment level to God and then gives ways in which you can act to strengthen your…

We Know How to Celebrate – Nehemiah 8

Sunday, March 5 2017 To Listen To Audio of Sermon: CLICK HERE Many people and churches struggle with a theology of celebration. In this message we get practical reasons why Christians should celebrate victories within their lives just like the Jewish people who completed rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem. In addition to the message the testimonies of 8 people who went…