Hero Maker

Hero Maker

Hero Makers Series – Hero Makers are HUMBLE!

Pride is the most destructive thing in our universe. A Hero can be selfish and proud but a Hero Maker is selfless and humble. Pride can creep into our lives in many unseen ways. This sermon looks at the ways in which we can struggle with pride and how to defeat selfishness in our lives.

Father’s Day – It Is MANly to Forgive!

The role and impact of a father on a family has been researched and investigated extensively. Simply put, how the father goes and leads is how the family goes. This sermon is directed toward men on Father’s Day and gives practical insights as to how fathers can best lead their homes!

Hero Maker Series – True Friends!

Research states that we will become the average of our FIVE closest friends. Friends influence EVERY aspect of our lives. It’s important that we choose friends carefully and that we ARE a friend too. Here’s a practical and important message concerning how to be a Hero Maker in the life of someone. Simply, be a good friend!