Sermon Archive (Page 7)

Sermon Archive (Page 7)

You.Me.We Marriage Series – How to be ONE!

There is much discussion and confusion within our society as to what marriage is and should be about. This sermon tackles the hard question as to what constitutes God’s ideal for marriage and how we can strengthen the commitment of couples as they follow God!

Legacy Go!

The people who have impacted us the most are the ones who have invested countless hours into us. Everyone needs someone who they can GO to for advice, support, and encouragement. Here’s a practical message as to how YOU can be intentional about investing time and relational capital into someone else.

Your Next Step – Grow!

Growth is a natural and essential process that we as humans need to go through both physically AND spiritually. Unfortunately, many humans feel stalled in their spiritual growth. This sermon gives practical advice on what it takes to help yourself spiritually grow in your faith!

Your Next Step – Connect!

People are wired to connect with others and to God. Unfortunately, many struggle to find genuine and authentic connection and community within the local church. This message gives practical and helpful insights as to how Legacy Church desires to be a place where people can connect and develop healthy relationships with God and with each other.

May This Be The Year!

This message shares the vision of where Legacy Church is heading this coming year. The goal of our church is to rely, depend, and cling to Jesus in deeper ways. This is a practical message that talks about what it means to truly live by faith and gives practical ways in which Legacy Church is trying to live this out corporately.

It’s About Names!

The most important thing that matters in life is your name and whether or not it is in the Book of Life! This sermon looks at the importance of your name and in praying for other people by name as well. Your name will actually signify and represent your eternal destiny!