Sermon Archive (Page 11)

Sermon Archive (Page 11)

Father’s Day – It Is MANly to Forgive!

The role and impact of a father on a family has been researched and investigated extensively. Simply put, how the father goes and leads is how the family goes. This sermon is directed toward men on Father’s Day and gives practical insights as to how fathers can best lead their homes!

Hero Maker Series – True Friends!

Research states that we will become the average of our FIVE closest friends. Friends influence EVERY aspect of our lives. It’s important that we choose friends carefully and that we ARE a friend too. Here’s a practical and important message concerning how to be a Hero Maker in the life of someone. Simply, be a good friend!

What Does It Mean to Be A Christian?

If you ask 100 people, “What does it mean to be a Christian?,” you may receive 100 different answers. In this message, we will look at what God’s Word has to say about 1) How does someone become a Christian? and 2) Once a Christian, what does it mean for your life?

How to Fulfill Your Calling and Purpose in Life!

Every person at one time has struggled with their calling and purpose in life. God has designed every individual to have a special and unique calling. The question is: How do we know what God is calling us to do and become? This sermon looks at Paul’s calling from Acts 20 and how we can have…

A Mother’s Persistence!

Can you imagine a world without mothers? It would be chaotic at best. In this message we look at one of the most amazing characteristics of a mother in that she is persistent when it comes to praying for and believing in her family.

Our God is Inclusive not Exclusive! Church on the Go Series!

People want to know if they are welcome and if other people are like them. It’s important to not label or categorize people as we can easily develop false assumptions. As we continue our series going through the book of Acts we see practical ways in which we can easily become judgmental as…

Church on the Go – Acts Series – God’s Grace!

One of the greatest concepts in all of Scripture is God’s grace. God has been generous, patient, and gracious to mankind by offering a way of salvation and providing for our daily lives. In this message we take a look at Saul’s conversion to Christ and draw out practical points that…