Posts from December 2016

Posts from December 2016

The Fall of Man & The Promise of God!

Sunday, December 11th To Listen to Message: Click Here! The fall of Adam and Eve and the introduction of sin changed everything for us as humans. Yet God did not divorce himself from mankind but sent us a promise that He would send a Savior. This message looks deeper at the effects of sin and how we can overcome temptation. Most importantly, this message will show how our…

The Birth of Mankind

December 4th, 2016 To Listen to the Message: Click Here! Why were humans created? Why were we so valuable that Jesus would come to earth to die for us? This message, the first of the True Meaning of Christmas series, talks about the meaning of life and the value of mankind.

Unstoppable God

November 27, 2016 To listen to message: Click this! This sermon concludes our church’s “What is Legacy?” series. For a person to live a life of Legacy they need to align themselves up with God’s unstoppable will for their life. Here’s how we can learn what God’s unstoppable plan is for our life and how we can help others know God too!